Thursday, November 30, 2023

Our Annual General Meeting 2023

---- Our last Happy Hour for the year will be 8 December and we will close until 9 February 24 ----Annual General Meetings tend to be more simple meetings than our bi-monthly meetings because the main functions are to present the end-of-year audited financial report and elect Management Committee members.

This years meeting was typically short and swift, taking less than an hour and many people remained to have lunch at The Clubhouse afterwards.

The key features of this AGM were the financial review that shows our sub-branch in an excellent financial position and significant changes in Management Committee positions.

Our long-standing President, Trevor Klose stood down as president and was elected as a committee member. All Executive Office holder's positions changed hands and several other changes occurred. Final appointments are:


President            David Babbage
Vice President    Patsy Biscoe
Treasurer            Craig Dunning
Secretary            Robin Henry


Andrew Hart, Christina Henry, Charmane Klose, Dawn Klose, Trevor Klose, Elliott Nuttall, Susan Riebke, and Denis Tompkins.

We look forward to 2024 with optimism and the determination to continue providing our members with many Happy Hours of good companionship, occasional good food, and good wine should you choose to drink it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Annual Subscriptions are Due

---- Remember the Annual General Meeting - 11 am, Sunday, 26 November 23 ---- Membership subscriptions are for a calendar year and an affordable $50 for both service and affiliate members.

Current members need to pay their 2024 subscription before 1 January 24 or their membership expires.

Like to Join us?

Anyone wishing to join our wonderful group needs to complete an application form, copies of which, for all categories of membership may be found HERE. Applications are presented to the Management Committee for approval and once approved, members receive an individually numbered badge to be worn with pride.

Learn More about the RSL

The RSL South Australia also covers Broken Hill in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. 

You can learn more about the RSL by following the links provided at the right-hand side of this site and by clicking our About link above.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Chivalry: Stories of the Royal Australian Air Force (Publication)

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm. Everyone is welcome. ----Along with the many other things the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) does, it produces a range of publications for educators to use in schools, the public and of course, service and ex-service members.

One such publication produced primarily for students by the DVA in conjunction with the Australian War Memorial is "Chivalry".

In its 56 pages, it provides a historical review of the evolution of the contemporary RAAF from the Army Flying Corps in 1914 to today. RAAF members tell their stories and the publication is chock full of excellent photographs and  images of badges, medals, and a variety of military artifacts.

As an ex-RAAF service member, the editor found it very interesting and informative. He learned much that he didn't know about the junior service despite having read widely previously.

Chivalry can be read online HERE or downloaded as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file HERE and printed. Copyright permits reading/downloading provided it is used for non-commercial purposes.

Have a read when time permits and write a comment below to tell us what you thought of the publication.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Remembrance Day 2023 - Tanunda Recreation Park

---- Don't forget those who served, those who paid the supreme sacrifice, and those who serve today - Lest we forget  ----