Friday, March 10, 2023

Changes to Meal Provision

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm and everyone is welcome ---- 
Meals will no longer be available on the first Friday of a month. The Committee has decided to provide a meal about every three months and members will be notified beforehand.

This change has been necessary because of the workload facing committee members, all of whom are volunteers, and the challenges of obtaining suitable vendors. 

Snacks will always be available for purchase at each Happy Hour at a reasonable cost and if you wish to bring your own pizza, Hungry Jack's burger, fish and chips, or something else for dinner, please do so.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Breaking News - As they Say in the Media

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm. Meals on first Friday of month ---- 
The situation regarding entry to the Tanunda Recreation Park and thus the Hut has changed. You can now enter through the new entrance near the playground in Bilyara Road.

Apparently the bitumenisation has been completed.