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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Our Annual General Meeting 2023

---- Our last Happy Hour for the year will be 8 December and we will close until 9 February 24 ----Annual General Meetings tend to be more simple meetings than our bi-monthly meetings because the main functions are to present the end-of-year audited financial report and elect Management Committee members.

This years meeting was typically short and swift, taking less than an hour and many people remained to have lunch at The Clubhouse afterwards.

The key features of this AGM were the financial review that shows our sub-branch in an excellent financial position and significant changes in Management Committee positions.

Our long-standing President, Trevor Klose stood down as president and was elected as a committee member. All Executive Office holder's positions changed hands and several other changes occurred. Final appointments are:


President            David Babbage
Vice President    Patsy Biscoe
Treasurer            Craig Dunning
Secretary            Robin Henry


Andrew Hart, Christina Henry, Charmane Klose, Dawn Klose, Trevor Klose, Elliott Nuttall, Susan Riebke, and Denis Tompkins.

We look forward to 2024 with optimism and the determination to continue providing our members with many Happy Hours of good companionship, occasional good food, and good wine should you choose to drink it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

AGM Feedback

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm. Meals on the first Friday of the month ----

Although the writer couldn't attend the AGM this year due to an alternative interstate engagement, feedback from those who attended on 27th November suggest it was another successful event with a nice dinner beforehand at the Tanunda Clubhouse.

At AGMs the major activity is to appoint new Executive and Committee officeholders and to accept the Treasurer's end-of-year financial report.
Executive members may be elected for two years and Committee members for one year.

At this AGM RSL SA/NT President, Cheryl Cates attended and presented President Trevor Klose with a much-deserved Life Membership award recognizing Trevor for his lengthy service and commitment to the RSL and its objectives.

Trevor was reelected President, Elliott Nuttall, Vice President, and Dawn Klose, Secretary. Christina Henry (who was absent), stood down as Treasurer and David Babbage was elected to fill that position.

Paul Fernandez stood down as a Committee Member and the following people were elected to fill Committee positions: Erica Babbage (new), Christina Henry, Robin Henry, Charmane Klose, Susan Riebke, Denis Tompkins (new), and Jan Tompkins. A motion was passed to invite Patsy Biscoe to join the Committee and that is a work in progress.

The meeting was advised of the demise of our member Joy Price-Beck the day before the AGM. Joy was a popular, frequent attendee at the Hut and will be missed by all of us who knew her.

The necessity to recruit members was mentioned before the meeting closed as we are all aware that we need to recruit younger members who will take our sub-branch forward.

Copies of the Minutes of Meeting will be distributed to all financial members.

You can find contact details for Executive Members here or by clicking the Contacts link above.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Annual General Meeting Feedback

Our 2021 Christmas Dinner and Annual General Meeting went well. Everyone who attended the dinner seemed to have a great time and some of us who don't often see each other had a good chance to chat as we drank our wine and ate the lovely meals always available at The Clubhouse.

The AGM was well attended and the main highlights were that Lee Martin and Neville Jaeschke didn't stand for re-election. Elliott Nuttall was elected Vice President and we didn't fill Neville's position as we already had an additional member on the committee which usually stands at 10. Both Lee and Neville contributed greatly to our Management Committee and will be missed. Neville served on the Committee for 20 years, which is outstanding by any measure.

President, Trevor Klose thanked Lee and Neville and everyone for their continuing membership and contribution to our sub-branch, to Tich Tyson of Plympton RSL for helping us with the election of Committee members, and to Anthony Pulliati of Carbon Group Barossa for his pro bono review of our financial statements. He also reminded us of the support we receive from our local Ministers of Parliament and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Trevor extends a Merry Christmas and prosperous and safe 2022 to all our members and their families.

PS: Our last two Happy Hours for the year will be on 3rd and 10th December. We'd love to see you there. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Christmas Luncheon and Annual General Meeting

Members and partners are cordially invited to join us for our Christmas Luncheon and Annual General Meeting to be held as follows:

When:    28 November 2021

Where:    The Clubhouse, 45 Macdonnell Street, Tanunda

Times:    12 pm for a 1230 pm start for lunch; 3 pm for the AGM

RSVP: By 26 November 2021 by email (see below) or to Dawn Klose, Secretary on 0419 787 422

NOTE: A range of meals is available from The Clubhouse menu at your own cost.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Management Committee.