Thursday, May 11, 2023

APOD Provides Discounts to Veterans

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm. Everyone is welcome ----Have you heard of APOD, Australian Partners of Defence?

APOD is a membership community created by veteran families, for veteran families. Membership is open to Australian Defence Force personnel, reservists, veterans, allied military personnel and their immediate family members. 

Many of the partners are veteran-run businesses.

APOD's purpose is to provide a platform for businesses of all sizes to give back to defence and veteran families through special offers and discounts that acknowledge their unique service and sacrifice. Their goal is to reach every defence family, especially veterans and their families who are no longer in defence or able to access the benefits available when in uniform.

Membership is free for anyone who holds a current DVA Veterans Card and you can join by clicking here.

Membership includes:
  1. A personalized digital APOD membership card
  2. Unlimited access to all the member benefits they negotiate on your behalf (over 20,000 offers)
  3. Free membership for members' spouses
You don't have to join, but why not visit APOD's site here and see what it's all about?

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Vietnam Objects to Australian $2 Coin

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Vietnam has urged Australia to halt the circulation of the coin 

By Joel Guinto & Bui Thu

Vietnam has strongly protested against Australia’s issuance of a coin with an image of the yellow flag of South Vietnam. Vietnam said the coin defies positive trends in bilateral ties and urged Australia to halt its circulation. 

Australia fought with US-backed South during the Vietnam War, which ended with the nation unifying.

The limited edition two-dollar coin was issued to mark 50 years since Australia pulled out its forces from Vietnam. The yellow flag in the coin design, contained in a ring, is based on ribbon colours awarded to Australian veterans. 

“We regret and resolutely protest against the Royal Australian Mint’s and Australia Post’s releases and circulation of items containing the yellow flag with three stripes, the flag of a regime which is no longer in existence,” said Pham Thu Hang, deputy spokesperson of Vietnam’s foreign ministry. 

The coin also features an image of the late Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side and a UH-1H helicopter on the reverse. 

Vietnam lodged the protest as it concluded a five-day holiday to remember the end of the war. 

The yellow flag is a sensitive issue for the country. In January last year, Vietnam’s national television station aired a football match between Vietnam and Australia with a 10-minute delay as some Australian fans brought yellow-striped flags to the stadium. In July 2018, a Vietnamese court sentenced three women to four years in prison on charges of spreading anti-state propaganda after they held up yellow flags in public. 

Vietnam appeared to have overreacted to the commemorative coins, said Nguyen Van Tuan, a former refugee from South Vietnam who now researches medicine at the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology in Sydney. He said it is common for some local governments in Australia to use the yellow flag since veterans from the former South Vietnam are entitled to benefits from the Australian government. The yellow flag was also flown by so-called boat people like him who fled Vietnam by boat so that they would be recognised as refugees, he said. 

“While the flag no longer represents any country, it remains a symbol of the Vietnamese community in Australia,” he said. 

The Royal Australian Mint said the design reflected the “colours of the ribbons of the service medals awarded to Australians who served in Vietnam, including the Vietnam Service medal, introduced in 1968”. It added the Australian government “does not recognise the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam”.

Acknowledgement: Article from Veteranweb Network

Friday, May 5, 2023

Tracking the Legacy Torch

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As we mentioned in the latest issue of The Bugle, a 50-day Torch Relay began on ANZAC Day in Pozieres, France, travelled to London, England, and was due to arrive in Australia as part of Legacy's centenary celebrations having served the families of veterans for one hundred years.

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay is a six-month campaign to pay homage to and acknowledge veterans' families, saluting their service.

The Legacy Relay Application that you can download free provided the location of the Legacy Torch at Albany, Western Australia at the time of posting.

Legacy Australia hopes to raise $10 million dollars from donations during the tracking of the torch through various towns and cities. Should you wish to make a donation to Legacy, you may do so here.

Why not download the app and keep abreast of the Torch's location?