Friday, August 25, 2023

Legacy South Australia Needs our Help

---- Legacy supports the families of veterans ---- Legacy has an annual fundraising week that commences on 28 August and runs until 2 September this year.

With the large number of Australian Defence Force members who serve/have served in the Middle East over extended periods, there are now numerous families who have lost a serving member. 

The widows and widowers now tend to be a younger group than those from the previous wars and peace-keeping operations, some with young children.

This year is Legacy's 100th anniversary of 'Serving the families of those who served' and Legacy services will be needed well into the future.

The Barossa-Light Legacy Group is active in serving the needs of numerous benefactors within our region.

Any donations or purchase of products you make helps these families and is greatly appreciated.

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  1. The Legacy kiosk I ran at Foodland Tanunda netted $250 thanks to the generosity of many people.


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