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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Management Committee Feedback

---- We're open Good Friday from 5 pm. Everyone is welcome ---- Here are the highlights of the last Management Committee meeting on Monday 18 March 24:


There are literally dozens of tasks that need doing well before ANZAC Day; arranging bands, gaining council approval, deciding who will do which of the many jobs and so on. Then of course, the volunteers are busy on the day while also taking part in the march and two services.

I'm pleased to say that preparations are going well and you can expect another successful day on 25 April 24 thanks to the many volunteers and those who participate.


We discussed ways in which we can show our appreciation for those members who continue to contribute to our sub-branch's success. One suggestion was that they be issued with a name badge attachment indicating years of service eg, 5,10 etc.

Maybe a Certificate of Appreciation might be sufficient. It's a work in progress and we'll come up with a solution in the near future.


We received a $100 donation for which I expressed our appreciation for the support Foodland continues to render our sub-branch. It will be used to buy foodstuffs for the Sausage Sizzle next Saturday.

We are very fortunate that many local businesses continue to support us. Several of our members also continue to go above and beyond in generously donating food and equipment to us.


We're working on formalising duties of volunteers eg, we have several members who look after catering, a few who handle our memorabilia purchases, stocktaking and sales, and others who beaver away behind the scenes. Who are they? What do they do? We want to document that so everyone knows who is doing what.


Because Andrew and Craig deserve to have a meal break with the rest of us, we are bringing in a policy that the bar will be suspended during dinners. Members will need to buy their drinks before dinner and not expect service during dinner.

This will begin with the next major dinner evening on 5 April 24 which will be a spaghetti night. 


We've been without an advocate for some years now and are fortunate that our member Dr Jack Urlwin has indicated he is prepared to undergo the training and fill the vacancy. We couldn't wish for a better candidate. Jack has a lengthy history as a medical practitioner and is well known and respected.

The process of applying and the training are both lengthy and complex, but we've began the process and envisage a positive outcome.


A majority of our display cabinet memorabilia has been donated by persons who are unknown to us. President David suggested we need to try to obtain memorabilia from members and their families whose names we can display beside the items. 

We will be writing to members soon to ask if they have any memorabilia from their military service or that of family members that we can display when we update our display cabinets.

If you are a member and have something you could donate from your collection of memorablia, please let us know.

That's it folks.