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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Do You have an Inspiring Story to Share?

---- We open most Fridays from 5 pm. Everyone is welcome ---- 
This request from RSLSA/NT is something you might like to consider and perhaps respond to. I know there are many stories out there lying in wait.

"Dear Sub Branches

At the State Branch, we take immense pride in our work supporting veterans and their families. We believe in the power of community and the importance of sharing our stories, events, and contributions with a broader audience. Together, we can highlight the significant impact of our efforts and the vital role the RSL plays in supporting veterans. 

To spread the word about the incredible work of the RSL sub-branches in South Australia, we are excited to announce several new initiatives: 
  1. Launching an e-newsletter, reminiscent of the classic Signal, to keep everyone informed and connected. 
  2. Providing more targeted content that speaks directly to our community's needs and interests.
  3. Ensuring our efforts remain relevant and impactful. 
However, for these initiatives to truly succeed, we need your support and your stories. Here are some examples of what we’d love to hear about: 
  1. An RSL member recognised at the Volunteering SA awards for their outstanding contributions.
  2. Securing a grant to fund vital projects supporting veterans. 
  3. A successful ANZAC Day commemoration, complete with photos capturing the event.
  4. Celebrating our member Joan Bloggs’ 99th birthday. 
  5. Hosting a fundraising night to help Joe Bloggs compete in an overseas sporting event. 
  6. A special visit from a dignitary to officially unveil a new memorial. 
Your stories are powerful and can inspire others within our network. Our goal is to feature them as engaging social media pieces or include them in our newsletter, ensuring you receive the recognition you deserve.

Send your stories and photos to or tag RSL Facebook"